Custom Rules

Character Creation Rules

Characters may be created using standard pathfinder rules, with the following additions/changes:

  • Players start their characters at level 4.
  • The Core Pathfinder Rulebook, Advanced Player Guide, and Ultimate Combat/Magic are allowed. Rules from other books are allowed with GM approval.
  • Characters use the Attribute point buy system, with 30 points to put into attributes (note that you get 1 free point in an attribute at level 4)
  • Use the wounds and vigor system to track your characters health.
  • Use the Background Skills system when creating characters.
  • Characters receive 1 hero point and 1 flair point at the start of each session. Additional flair points will be awarded by the GM if characters play to their characters flaws, get into trouble of their own free will, or do something really really cool. Unused Hero and Flair points are discarded at the end of each session.
  • Hero Points may be spent to reroll a check. Add 10 to the reroll if the rerolled dice shows under 11.
  • Flair points may be spent to add details to a scene or plot. An unexplained pile of flammable barrels, an old friend in a city the players have just entered, or a handy chandelier to swing over the fight with may all be added to scenes with flair points. These details can add a +2 flair bonus to a check made when spending the flair point.

Magic and the Seas

Magic on the High Seas is a tricky business, due to flowing waters natural magic-dampening powers. On most inland streams and rivers, this effect is minimal, but when magic is cast over miles of churning currents, the effects are especially pronounced. Fortunately, the effect is significantly lessened when non-magical material is between the moving water and the magical effect.

In or over open waters, the range and duration of spells and magical effects is lowered by one step. Long → Medium → Short → XtraShort (Half normal short range/duration)

Permanent magical effects may be weakened in other ways, at the GM’s discretion.

Extraordinary and supernatural abilities are not affected by this (Monsters get all the fun)

The following spells have been changed to fit the setting.

  • Create Food/Water has been removed (You gotta find supplies)
  • When Teleporting over open water, add 1 to your % roll for every mile of open water crossed over during the Teleport. Teleport also uses John’s casting time rules.

Important Skills / Crew

Skills that will be important for sailing around on a ship:
Profession:Sailor (You need a little of this to be part of a crew, and you need a lot of this to be able to help the pilot pull off crazy shit)
Profession:Pilot (You need this to steer the ship. To pull off crazy stunts, you need a good Pilot AND someone else with good Sailing to help you set stuff up.)
Profession:Navigator (You need this to draw maps and plot courses. Especially important in a world where islands rise and fall all the time)
Survival (Unless you plan on taking all the food and water you need, you’ll need this for foraging)

You can hire basic crew (eventually) to fulfill gaps, but they will never be good – they have a base +5 in whatever skill you hired them for.
Hired crew are never truly loyal – They will betray you, will rarely go into danger, and demand additional shares for anything beyond basic work. If you want loyal crew, plan on getting the Leadership feat and earning your loyal crew through playtime and roleplaying.


I cannot seem to get a firearms system that is both balanced and fun. It may be that magic has made the advancement of black powder largely an interesting side note for alchemists at this point (ie black powder exists but for combat reasons is largely supplanted by scary good archers and magic)

Custom Rules

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