The Endless Isles

Beyond Centra lies the Endless Isles, a constantly shifting series of archipelagos. Islands ranging from small outcrops of rocks to islands the size of Orsel rise and sink, constantly providing new dangers for ships, and new places to explore for adventurers.

What is known about the Endless Isles

  • No known edge to the Endless Isles has been found yet.
  • The climate tends to get hotter the father north you go, and colder the farther south you go. Expeditions traveling south have been stopped by icy waters, and expeditions travelling north have run into problems with heatstroke and famine. As such, most exploration and shipping routes tend to be East/West.
  • Islands rise with flora and fauna (sentient and non-sentient) already intact and growing. Sentient fauna recall nothing before the rise, but have knowledge of families, customs, technology, magic, etc.
  • It is difficult to see an island rising, due to their sporadic nature, but it is easy to know when an island has risen due to the large swell that emanates from it during it’s ascension.
  • Islands often come with flora and fauna not seen before. New organisms that are successful will often quickly spread to other islands.
  • Islands have risen with ancient and crumbling architecture, often filled with the possessions of whatever inhabited it before.
  • The larger an island is, the longer it tends to stick around. Islands around the size of cities tend to last about 10-15 years before sinking. Smaller rocks and islands will often pop up, disrupting shipping routes and introducing new dangers to the area. Bands of explorers can make a lucrative (although dangerous) living scouting and mapping islands as they pop up.
  • Islands tend to rise in clumps known as archipelagos.


  • Centra has many smaller islands off it’s coast, none of which have sunk in recorded history.
  • The sand-bar laden land of Kobol has not sunk past it’s

The Endless Isles

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