Capitol: Trabes

Trabes is one of the major shipping ports for imports from the east Isles and Kobol, and is the location of Mitrism’s largest cathedral.

Government: Monarchy

The Durant family, advised and aided by the church of Mitrism, maintain control of the kingdom.


Until the last 200 years, Desole has fought with it’s then neighbor, Gramhunt, over Gramhunt’s persistent and aggressive military presence in Desole lands, despite Desole negotiations. Following the Diet of Cantois, Desole has formally declared peace, although Gramhunt has claimed that Orsel privateers financed by Desole have continued to prey upon Gramhunt shipping lines.


Desole has many mercantile and diplomatic ties with Pegali. Most notable of these is the two countries’ mutual defense pact, which ensures that Desole will defend any military action by Gramhunt upon Pegali soil.


Desole has maintained some diplomatic ties with the various city states that make up Orsel, but by and large stays out of Orsel politics.


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